FPT University


Please accept a warm welcome from FPT University, a member of FPT Corporation – one of the largest quality units in ICT training in Vietnam.

FPT University is a modern model for an university, and we call it “Inside  Corporation University”.  It has proven to be more viable than the traditional model of tertiary education, shown by the impressive statistics.

For international students in FPT University, a great opportunity to work for a global corporation awaits you. FPT Corporation is now represented in 19 countries in the world. Upon graduation from FPT University, many of our students have worked overseas in these countries. Moreover from 2015, with a stable socio-political and economic outlook with profuse human resources, Vietnam has become a new destination for new investments around the world. There are many great and global ICT corporations in the world that have invested in Vietnam, such as Samsung, Intel, and Microsoft. This is not only a huge boost for the Vietnamese labor market, but also for the international workforce to work and develop in Vietnam.

With this exciting landscape in front of us, the international environment and cutting-edge study program in FPT University will give our students the relevant and modern knowledge and experience they need. I believe that FPT University will lead you to a successful and bright future.




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